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Mrs McGarvey's Reading Reports

Mrs McGarvey's Book Report 


Every week I will update you on the current children's book I am reading.  This may give you inspiration to start recording your own reading, share your own reading recommendations or read along with me. 

Koyasan By Darren Shan 


Miss Hendrick has read and recommends this book. If you like a fast, paced adventure then this is the book for you.

‘All of the children like to play in the graveyard, except Koyasan, who is too afraid to cross the bridge to play. But when her sister's soul is stolen, she must find the courage to enter a realm of evil, where she knows the spirits are waiting.’

You live the fear of the character as she treads through the cemetery in search of the lost soul – always wondering if she will succeed or not.

Malamander By Thomas Taylor

This is a fantastic book (£6.39 on Amazon / £5.22 kindle version) If you like sea monsters, adventure and mystery this might be the book for you.  I really enjoyed the writing and loved the characters particularly Herbert Lemon, who was washed up in Eerie-on-Sea in a box of lemons and is the Lost-and-Founder at the Grand Nautilus Hotel.


I have always enjoyed a map in a book and Malamader's map of Eerie-on-Sea is a great example of this.


This is the first in series of books about Eerie-on-Sea and the adventures of Herbert Lemon and Violet Parma.  

The Girl Who Speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson

The Girl Who Speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson

Currently on 98p on Amazon kindle edition

24th March 2020

If you like mystery and adventure this book might just be for you.  The story begins with a girl who is raised by a bear for the first 2 years of her life and can hear animals from the forest talk which I think is a great start to a book.  I can't wait to read the rest! 

25th March 2020

Wow - imagine waking up and have the legs of a wild bear! How would that make you feel? Scared, intrigued?   A great couple of chapters today, I would really recommend this book.  

26th March 2020

This book is really difficult to put down if you like strong characters and adventure. 

It has me wondering :

If you could change into any creature, what would it be and why?

If you could talk to animals what would you say/ what do you think they would say back?

1st April 2020

The house with chicken legs has made an appearance in this book.  For those who don;t know this is another book by Sophie Anderson again only 98p as a kindle version from Amazon if you are interested in reading another one of her books. 

What a fabulous book full of wonderful characters and exciting events.