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Welcome to Leesland. Term ends on Thursday 22nd July. All adults please continue to wear a face covering on site until then.

Red Nose Day 2017

So many children and staff really got into the spirit of the day and dressed up in 'something funny'.  There were children with pants on their heads, lots of tutus and some fabulous, original costumes.  The Junior School midday supervisors themed their outfits as rather mischievous students! Thank you and well done to everyone who took part.  


St. Vincent's College and Mrs Johnson organised a fun run and dance for the whole of the junior school.  It was great fun!   


There was also a competition for children to design and recreate make up for Mrs Wilson, Ms Bolton, Mrs Wake and Mrs McGarvey. 


We will let you know a final fundraising total as soon as we have one.  

Thanks again for everyone's support for Comic Relief. 


More pictures in the Gallery Area.