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Return to school for all pupils - 8th March 2021

Return to school for all pupils from 8th March 2021


We are currently working on our plans to welcome all children back to school on 8th March.  


It is important to note that up to 50% of pupils have been in school throughout this latest lockdown period in line with DfE guidance as either children of critical workers or as those deemed to be especially vulnerable.  


Our staff continue to work tirelessly to support children in school as well as those working remotely from home.  This is in regard to their academic learning as well as a high level of pastoral care.   Our staff are providing in school learning for children eligible to attend as well as remote learning for those at home.  


Parent and carers have also played a critical role in supporting their children's education, as always.  We are incredibly proud of how our whole community has pulled together to support all children and families.  


We are pleased and excited that we will be able to see everyone again from 8th March, but please be patient as we review all our procedures before this date.


When we open for more children, we will still need to keep measures in place such as adults wearing face coverings on site, staggered timings, one way systems and class ‘bubbles’ when everyone returns. Please take a look at the most recent the DfE guidance we are following.  


We know some of you are desperate to be back at school, and others will be anxious about it. We will send detailed information out as soon as possible as you will all need to make plans for this next change.


Please know our priority, as always, is the care, safety and education of all pupils. We are planning lots of transition work for children for their social and emotional needs as well as their academic learning.


The photos below are infographs about the stages of easing restrictions that the government announced yesterday. Please make sure you are sticking to the guidelines to help keep everyone in our community as safe as possible.