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Welcome to Leesland. Term ends on Thursday 22nd July. All adults please continue to wear a face covering on site until then.

Tuesday Home Learning

Tuesday's English


Practise your spellings using one of the methods below.


Year 4 Tuesday 29th June Maths

Times tables

Guided Reading

Reading Comprehension

Art - Final Design Lesson.


Today you have a choice to make.


Option One.

If you have access to playdough, plasticine or can make salt dough, we would like you to sculpt your piece of jewellery.

First make the shape you want. Remember, that clay is quite brittle, so small pieces may snap or crumble.

Next, use whatever tools you have available to make indentations and other marks in the dough.

Rune symbols or those used by Henrikka Waage would be fantastic.


Option Two.

Focus on the design you have already created or create a new, larger design.

When we return to school we will make these in clay, then paint them.

Today I would like you to choose your colours. You may want to consider complementary or contrasting colours.

Just as important is to think about what order you will paint. Think about what happens if you paint on top of other paint. Can you label your design with colours to use and the order to paint.


Option Three.

Use technology to model your piece of jewellery in 3 dimensions.

Windows 10 has a program called Paint 3d where you can create a 3d shape and manipulate the shape and add art.

If you are a tablet user, there will be numerous alternatives. Please check with your grownups.