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Welcome to Leesland. Term ends on Thursday 22nd July. All adults please continue to wear a face covering on site until then.

Wednesday Home Learning

Wednesday's English


Practise your spellings using one of the methods below. 


Year 4 Wednesday 23rd June Maths

Times tables

History - Lesson 5 - Laws and Justice for Vikings and Anglo Saxons


Today's lesson looks at how the Anglo Saxons and Vikings used to punish people who broke their laws.


Life was tough during that time, and so were punishments.


Parents. If you feel that your child might be sensitive to these images or ideas then you may want to watch beforehand. Alternatively, feel free to opt  out of this lesson.


 The lesson encourages plenty of discussion where children can be reassured that in modern times in Britain these punishments are forbidden.


Many Thanks.

The Missing Body Parts activity is a mathematical challenge.


Can you calculate the Wergild value for losing these body parts in a fight.