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Critical worker provision will be in place from Tuesday 5th January 2021. All other children should access remote learning from home.

Stretch Yourself Further

This is the place for any children who want to stretch themselves a little bit more.


This work is on top of the normal home learning lessons, not instead of.


Work in this section is completely optional. We do not expect you do complete it, but will be delighted if you do.

Although we want you to work to your best ability, please remember to have a break when needed.


Task Instructions

  • This game is played in partners. Two players share a blank 100 grid.
  • The first partner rolls two number dice.
  • The numbers that come up are the numbers the player uses to make an array on the 100 grid.
  • They can put the array anywhere on the grid, but the goal is to fill up the grid to get it as full as possible.
  • After the player draws the array on the grid, she writes in the number sentence that describes the grid.
  • The second player then rolls the dice, draws the number grid and records their number sentence.
  • The game ends when both players have rolled the dice and cannot put any more arrays on the grid.
  • How close to 100 can you get?

Homecoming contains 5 different pieces of work with a picture being used to stimulate your brain


You may attempt the work in any order you like.

Terrific practical maths activity.


Why not take 7 pieces of paper and colour one side red and one side blue.


Once you solve the problem, can you identify a pattern?