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Year 2

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Welcome to Year 2!

Our Classes

Our Classes 1 Seahorse
Our Classes 2 Sea Turtle
Our Classes 3 Starfish


This term our topic focus is 'All aboard'.

During the term the children will find out about the history of vehicles. They will design and make their own cars which they will then use in a science experiment to find out which car travels the furthest. During art sessions, they will learn about Zentangle art and use sketching pencils to draw old bicycles.

Exploring properties of 3D shape.

Exploring properties of 3D shape. 1
Exploring properties of 3D shape. 2
Exploring properties of 3D shape. 3
Exploring properties of 3D shape. 4

Titanic - Sea City Trip

On Thursday 1st November , Year 2 visited Sea City Museum in Southampton as part of our Titanic topic. We had a guided tour where we learnt that the majority of the crew came from Southampton and we discovered interesting facts about the Titanic. Did you know if you see a picture of the Titanic and the windows are squares not rectangles it is actually a picture of her sister ship the 'Olympic'? We had a self guided tour where we imagined we were passengers boarding the Titanic and then pretended to be crew doing different jobs on board. We also had a workshop where we worked in teams to decide who would be saved in the lifeboat, what the different objects were and we investigated how many compartments would be flooded with water before the Titanic would sink.  We had a fantastic day! Thank you to all our parent helpers who came with us.

Sea City Pictures - Visit the gallery area to see a wider selection.


Fractions 1
Fractions 2
Fractions 3
We have been learning about fractions. We investigated how we could divided shapes into different fractions by folding them into equal parts.



This term in English we have been using 'Meerkat Mail' to help us write our own postcards. We pretended that we were Sunny and he had visited Gosport and was sending a postcard home to his family.  We have continued our Meerkat theme by looking at 'Meerkats' on Bug Club and we have identified features of non-fiction books. 

Learning in Action - Bread as a Symbol - 25th September 2018

Learning in Action - Bread as a Symbol - 25th September 2018 1
Learning in Action - Bread as a Symbol - 25th September 2018 2
Learning in Action - Bread as a Symbol - 25th September 2018 3
Learning in Action - Bread as a Symbol - 25th September 2018 4
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"A very enjoyable session! Great how something as simple as bread can create such an interesting discussion. Thank you"


"It was fun to see what they do. I also think they love seeing their parents

to show what they can achieve."


"I enjoyed taking part in my son's class today. The children enjoyed it and so did I.

It was fun for all of us."


"It was lovely to have the opportunity to see my daughter's class. 

To see the work they do and how everything works."


"The session was fun and was good to do with the children."


"Really enjoyed 'Learning in Action' found it very interesting

and thought it was a fun way to learn about RE."

Our Rio Carnival Masks

Our Rio Carnival Masks 1
Our Rio Carnival Masks 2