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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Presentation Peacocks 


Year 4 continue to work hard on the presentation of their work.  A number of children now have their pen licences.  Children need to earn three 'Presentation Peacocks' to gain their pen licence.  Here are some examples of writing in Year 4 that have earned Peacocks:


Year 4 Sleep Over 


Year 4 pupils  had the very exciting opportunity to spend the night in school in May. 

They were excited for days and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  

Activities included:

  • Rounders
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Quiz
  • Campfire - complete with campfire songs
  • Toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate
  • Various outdoor games


The most exciting thing was sleeping in either the hall or a classroom with lots of friends, snuggled up in sleeping bags and duvets.  


The children behaved brilliantly, joined in well and even got a little bit of sleep (well, most of them anyway!)