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Welcome to Leesland. Term ends on Thursday 22nd July. All adults please continue to wear a face covering on site until then.

Keeping children safe online

Social media sites change so quickly, it's often really hard for adults to keep up to date with the sites their children are accessing on line.  Popularity of sites changes in an instant, and new apps, games & sites appear quickly.  


Below are some useful links to keep adults in the loop about what is popular at the moment, and how you can minimise the risks posed by socialising, searching and gaming online:  



NSPCC This link will give advice on how to set parental controls on devices at home.


NetAware -  This link will give adults more information about sites that are currently popular with children and young people, and the potential risks.  You will need to scroll down on the page.  


SID - This Safer Internet Day link has factsheets, conversation starters, family pledge ideas and video clips all relating to the safe use of the internet by families and young people.