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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

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Useful information

Year One - PE is on Wednesday.

Children will need to be in their PE kit, with suitable footwear for the day. Please remember to remove earrings on this day.

Year One - Library is on Friday.

Children will need their book bags and library books in on this day. Without a book bag to transport their library book home in, they may not be able to have a new one.

Year One - Reading book change is on Tuesday and Friday.

Children are encouraged to be independent when choosing their reading books and this sometimes means they choose a favourite book several times in a row. 

Please share a wide range of books and texts with your child regularly at home. Don't forget to colour in a book on their reading challenge sheet to ensure they can bring in a 'snuggly buddy' from home and have a special story session with Mrs Wigley at the end of each half term.


What a great day to be in school... we were ACE at our skateboarding workshop!

Thank you to Miss Jeffs for organising such a fun event and Adam for teaching us.

We really enjoyed ourselves.

Enjoy the photos of our experience :-) 

Sharks Skateboarding Workshop

Sea Turtles got creative this afternoon! We have been learning about Grace Darling and how her courage and heroism saved people who were drowning in 1838. We made lighthouses, boats and medals and did some fantastic drawings and paintings.

What a great afternoon!

Sharks had the best afternoon ever... we met the animals that Ben brought to share, from Zoo Lab.

He had a tarantula spider, a gerbil, a corn snake, an African land snail and a tree frog.

We were allowed to stroke or hold most of the animals, but some Ben said we could only look at.

Even Mrs Walker held the corn snake!

Sea Turtles had a fantastic afternoon with the animals from ZooLab! We met a corn snake, a desert gerbil, a tarantula, a giant land snail and a centipede!

What a fun Friday we had in Sea Turtles! We had a visit from the school nurses who told us how to look after our teeth. Did you know there is 1 teaspoon of sugar in just ONE Haribo?? We were shocked! We also did an experiment to see which of our senses was the best at identifying a flavour of jelly. Miss Gower tricked our brains by changing the colour of the jelly but some of us still worked it out using our smell and taste!

Science - Senses - Sharks Class


Did you know your senses are incredibly important?

They help you to stay alive, fit and healthy.


We used our sight to look at the jellies and try to decide what flavours they might be... then we used our sense of smell to check our guesses. Finally we used our sense of taste to experience the flavours in our mouths.

We were not always correct, but it was a lot of FUN!

Do you think a snail would eat a Haribo? Neither did Sea Turtles... but the snail proved us wrong! Ask your child about our exciting science experiment and they will tell you what happened!

Sea Turtles met a real life Olympic medallist! We were very lucky to have Joel Fearon, sprinter and bobsleigher, come and visit us. We had a lot of fun!

Shark's Mother's Day Song

We wish you all the happiest of days for Sunday. Thank you for everything you do x

Sea Turtles Mother's Day Song

Uploaded by Leesland C of E Federation on 2024-03-08.

What amazing sculpture artists we have in year one!

We hope you enjoy our finished clay snails... we had so much fun making them :-) 

Sea Turtles have been learning about people who can help us when we are not well.  We have some budding actors/nurses/dentists in this class!

Going to see the nurse!

Uploaded by Leesland C of E Federation on 2024-03-01.

At the dentist, part 3!

At the dentist, part 2!

Uploaded by Leesland C of E Federation on 2024-03-01.

At the dentist!

Uploaded by Leesland C of E Federation on 2024-03-01.

Sea Turtles have been busy working on our maths fluency. Do you know how many ways there are of making 5? 7? 8? We found out!

It was fabulous to see so many parents at our Sharks Learning in Action morning.

We hope you had fun and enjoyed seeing some ideas about place value and how you can support this at home.

Enjoy our photos and thank you for coming in!

Sea Turtles had a fantastic Learning in Action morning learning about place value. Thank you to all the parents who came, we hope you enjoyed seeing how your children learn. Special thanks to those who joined in with the dancing!

Welcome to our Spring 1 Art - Georgia O'Keeffe. 

Today we considered our feelings when thinking of different colours. We found out about hot and cool colours, and mixed our own versions!

It was great fun and we can't wait until our next session. 

Charcoal detail using warm and cool colours as a background wash

Lost and Found - retold by Hallie

Uploaded by Leesland C of E Federation on 2024-01-19.

Lost and Found - retold by Sonny

Uploaded by Leesland C of E Federation on 2024-01-19.

Sea Turtles have had a fantastic day celebrating World Nursery Rhyme week. We did activities related to 7 different nursery rhymes and had a lot of fun!

Sea Turtles at the Museum! We had a fabulous day and learnt lots about old and new toys. Have a look to see what we got up to!

Our first trip by Sharks

We were so excited to be walking to Search Museum today and pleased the weather was kind to us too.

We explored toys along a timeline, sorted toys into old and new versions, made a cup and ball to bring home, and played some outdoor old fashioned games too.

It was such fun and all the adults were so proud of our behaviour and respectfulness. 

We really enjoyed having our Shark families come to visit for 'Learning in Action' and hope you managed to get some great ideas about how you can support at home! We learnt the 'ar' sound, with two special friends standing together to make the sound... then we applied this to lots of words, including SHARK!

We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Thank you for coming in :-) 

Fun and activities in Sharks class

Thank you so much to all of you Sea Turtles grown ups who came to see your children learning. I know they loved having you with them and showing you how they learn phonics!

We had a fantastic time on Monday on the junior field exploring fairy tales. We used clues to work out the fairytale, created our own stories and made potions with goblin wee, troll snot, witches' brew and giants' tears!

The Three Little Pigs

Uploaded by Leesland C of E Federation on 2023-09-12.

Hi Year 1!

Our topic for this half term is: Once upon a time...


In English we will be learning about traditional stories and using story language, focusing mainly on the stories of The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  In DT we will be looking at freestanding structures and using our knowledge to design and make a bridge for the billy goats to cross.  Within our topic work the children will consider the geography of their local area and where Gosport is within the UK.