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Love, Grace, Respect


A huge well done to everyone who got creative and entered the Easter DT competition and congratulations to our winners!

Busy bakers!

Year 2 Dreaming Big - All our infant school children have been dreaming big this week. Our Year 2 children have used their creativity to show their ambitions for the future.

Cooking Club have been busy this afternoon making chocolate chip cookies and chocolate Easter nests! Yum!

Cookery Club enjoyed their first session with Miss Gower - check out our bunny (some not bunny) pizzas!


On the 5th of February we revisited internet safety with a focus on the potential dangers when using the internet. The story of Smartie the Penguin explored what to do if we experience upsetting images, how to spot unreliable information and what to do if a stranger talks to us online.


As a class, we read the story of Smartie the penguin and worked together to think of some solutions for Smartie’s situations and give him helpful advice.

On the 26th January, we marked Holocaust Memorial Day by talking about our hopes for the world. We learnt about Anne Frank and the restrictions she experienced because of her faith. We discussed our Christian Values of Love, Grace and Respect and how our community should always demonstrate these qualities to those around us.

The children created their own peace dove, drawing and / or writing their message of hope for the world.

JRSO Student Team - Winners of Be Bright Be Seen Poster Design

DT Christmas Tree Competition! A huge well done to everyone who designed and made a Christmas tree for Miss Gower's competition. We had 48 entries and they were all amazing - it was very hard to choose the winners! Congratulations to Ottilie, Imogen, Lucas, Shannon, Matilda and Laightonpaul who all designed their trees first, just like we do in DT at school. We hope the children and parents all enjoyed the first Leesland Christmas Tree Festival!

Art and Craft club have been busy getting Christmas-ready again... we even "elf'd" ourselves!

Enterprise Club did a fantastic with their Christmas bracelets today. They were very resilient if the beads fell off and didn't give up. They have started to make a beautiful selection of bracelets, ready to sell on Wednesday 13th December. 

The members of Enterprise club did a fantastic job of walking down to the shop to buy the products needed for their Christmas event! Before they set off they knew how much money they had left of their budget, they identified the different coins we had which made up our total and knew how to keep the money save while we walked to the shop. 

They walked sensibly down to the local shop, decided which pot of hot chocolate they wanted to buy, worked out if we had enough money and then headed to the till to pay for it. The children used the coins to purchase the hot chocolate and collected their change and receipt. 

They seemed very pleased with their purchase once they got back to school!

Enterprise Club

Children In Need - Gosport Ferry

The children voted for the beads they wanted to buy and discussed which beads were the best price. We talked about buying items online and buying items from the shops. 

Once the shopping was done, the children worked very hard on creating fantastic posters letting everyone know what the group will be selling, when and where. 

The children enjoyed their first Enterprise Club session. They talked about our £12 budget and how they would need to use this money to advertise, make and sell something ready for Christmas. They generated loads of ideas of products to make and sell, they created shopping lists for each idea before voting on the product they would like to make and sell to the Leesland Community. After voting, both 'Christmas bracelets' and 'hot chocolate' had equal votes. The children talked about voting again but decided that they would include both ideas. Next, they began to shop! They looked online at the items they would need to make our bracelets and hot chocolates, keeping a close eye on the budget, the children were very good at telling me when we had spent more than our £12. Next week the children will be creating posters to advertise their products. 

Enterprise Club


The children had a fantastic day, celebrating inclusion and discussing the importance of not leaving anyone out. Everyone enjoyed sharing their odd socks, it was brilliant to see so many members of the school community joining in to raise awareness of inclusion, diversity and hidden disabilities. 

The children talked about the concept of bullying, using their P4C skills to discuss actions that could be considered bullying and actions that wouldn't be considered bullying. They also created fantastic anti-bullying posters for the school competition, the winners of the competition will have their poster enlarged and displayed around the school! To end the day, the children had an opportunity to celebrate what makes them special by decorating an odd sock that can represent them. 

Art and Craft club made their own baubles today to take home for their tree.

Art and Craft club have been busy making pastel leaf pictures and Autumn wreaths...

Remembrance 2023


The children began their day by listening to a well known story, read to them in French. The children enjoyed joining in with the familiar phases in the story and learning the French words.  

 The children also enjoyed singing the 'hello' song where we could practice saying hello in lots of different languages. 

The children used their new skills to help them research a range of European flags.



We started the day with collective worship together, talking about our current understanding of Peace, defining what Peace means around the world and collecting ideas of how we can represent Peace.


In our classes, we worked hard to create a range of pictures we thought represented Peace, linking our understanding to our Christian values of Love, Grace and Respect.


Once the pictures were completed, they were collected together and used to make our own Leesland Infant school Peace Pole.  

More amazing creations from Construction Club

Infants Coronation Singing Video 2023

Uploaded by Leesland C of E Federation on 2023-05-05.

Construction Club have been busy again. This week we had bridges, the Eiffel Tower, the Spinnaker Tower, the Taj Mahal and a ship, to name but a few!

The challenge for Construction Club today was for the children to make an animal. We even had a moving frog and a moving toucan! Can you spot what they made?

Construction Club were challenged to make a play park this afternoon. Can you spot the climbing frames, slides and monkey bars? Some great teamwork and "how can we do that?"s were witnessed!

Hello from Leesland CE Federation

Fun in the snow!