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The therapeutic active listening assistant (TALA) intervention offers a safe space where the child can talk, explore, and deal with emotional issues. TALA practitioners are trained members of staff who can facilitate this intervention to provide a safe and welcoming space for the child to talk in confidence. The practitioners will listen to the child's views, without judgment, in an atmosphere based on respect and empathy, which is developed by building a trusting and secure relationship. Different activities such as painting, crafts, sand trays, and play dough can be used in a therapeutic way to support the child in expressing how they feel. 

This aims to encourage them to achieve some level of understanding about thoughts, emotions, and behaviours which in turn will lead to a greater level of well-being. 

This is a gentle and non-intrusive intervention that is child-led with the practitioner trained in active listening to empower the child to find their solutions rather than 'fixing' the problem.