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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!



Here are some of the resources shared at our recent parent/carer drop in session before the upcoming Respectful Relationships using of learning:

Learning in Action

Parents were invited into class this February to participate in our Design and Technology lesson.


The children had already explored the need for specialist equipment in arctic and antarctic conditions, and determined that, despite some potential drawback, gloves made of felt would be best out the materials available as it would likely provide the most warmth.


We then moved into a practice stage - using needle and thread to sew a blanket stitch.


The learning in action session was our main production period. Having cut out two hand outlines (mitten style), the children were ready to sew them together.


The results have been amazing, with lots of children taking care to sew neat and secure stitches. Parents were a great help too!

Stokes Bay Expedition

Year 5 set off for Stokes Bay as part of their topic this half term. Before departing, the children studied maps of the local area in order to consider the route they could take and what landmarks they might see on the way down. As we passed the church, a few cries of, "Are we nearly there yet?" echoed through the ranks, but like any great expedition crew the children marched on until we reached our destination.


At Stokes Bay, the children had a chance to rest and refuel with a hot chocolate and a biscuit, boost their morale (just like Shackleton's crew) by playing a group game, and explore a little of the area to see how the land had been used and start creating their own map of the bay.


All too soon, it was time to turn around and start the arduous trek back to school. But with the reward of home time upon our arrival, we all managed to persevere to the end.

Ends of the Earth


Our topic began with a day all about Ernest Shackleton and his adventure to the Antarctic.


Having learned all about the amazing adventure he went on - and the daring rescue of his crew - we started reading Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy. This book, according to her website, was inspired by Shackleton's expedition.



Crime Scene Investigations


Our new topic, Crime and Punishment, started with a crime scene to investigate in the Art Room. Year 5 were invited to explore the scene and look for clues as to what had happened.


The rest of the afternoon was filled with some forensics style activities; handwriting analysis, chromatography and fingerprint dusting.


Pupils were asked to write a newspaper about the events as one of our independent writes for the year.

New Topic - New Book


Year 5's new Guided Reading book is Holes by Louis Sachar.


Ask the children about it and what we are learning from it.


Last Day of Space

Having spent the best part of eight weeks exploring the topic of Space through our writing, our science and our art, Year 5 spent some of the last day of half term producing artwork inspired by the artist Peter Thorpe. After creating their own abstract or space themed background, the children went on to draw and colour a space vehicle to mount onto the background with a spring of paper.


After break, we used our collaboration and teamwork skills to create a big piece of art in tables. The children were encouraged to consider what each member of the group had done well before and what they could replicate in their group piece. They then had to assign tasks for each member to complete.


Have a look at some of the individual pieces and the group pieces as they came together over the morning.

Paper Plate Solar Systems

Year 5 have been developing their knowledge of the solar system and have created their own mini-version with the planets all in order.


To position the planets we looked at the solar system as it is currently using the website SolarSystemScope.

Learning In Action October 2019


This week, Year 5 welcomed parents into the classroom for our first Learning in Action visit of the year. Thank you to all those parents who were able to come along and see what has been happening in class over the last few weeks and take part in our art lesson.


We have been exploring the picture "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh and looking at the particular style he used to create it. We discussed if the children liked it and what they thought about it - all of them found the picture captivating.


We tried out recreating a small piece of the artwork first using oil pastels, aiming to get those small strokes of colour all mixed together to make a dynamic sky. We practised our swirl, sketching lightly in pencil. Everyone made mistakes, tried something that they thought looked wrong and then tried again!


The children had a couple of goes at the final piece, evaluating their own and others' pictures along the way. Wednesday's lesson saw us attempt our final piece by deciding on elements we wanted to keep and something we wanted to do better at. Here are a few pictures of the day and our results:

Learning In Action October 2019

Homework Autumn 1


A huge thank you to all the children from Year 5 who have produced such great homework! Here is Atlantic's Homework Wall and a few examples that wouldn't fit on it!

Planetarium Trip


Year 5 explored the stars by visiting South Downs Planetarium this week.

After a guide across the night sky, we were taken on a trip through some of the important parts of history including a detailed look at Apollo 11 and the flight to the moon. We all learnt some interesting new facts; Neil Armstrong had to pilot the lunar module several miles from the designated landing site to find a level surface to set it down - he made it with 17 seconds of fuel left.


Once the planetarium show was over, we were given a chance to explore the gallery (and complete a quiz to stretch our space knowledge) and hear a talk about meteors and meteorites.


The children were full of enthusiasm and bubbling over with questions.

The Solar System


Year 5 were learning about the relative sizes and distances of the planets this week.


If the Earth were the size of a cherry tomato, Mercury would be a mere peppercorn, Jupiter would be the size of a water melon and it would take three umbrellas just to make a quarter of the sun.


Plus, Earth would be about a metre away from the sun whilst Neptune, the solar systems furthest planet, would be about 30 metres away.


Creating a scale model of the solar system meant we had to leave the classroom and find a bit more space!



A new Year 5


A new year has begun! Year 5 has got off to a Cosmic start by looking at soil samples that could be from Mars and using some scientific knowledge and skills to determine which one was.

We have also started our book for this topic; Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce.


Please read the Welcome to Year 5 booklet below to find out a bit more about what we expect from this year. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask any of us at the end of the day.