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Draw and Talk

Draw and talk offers children a safe environment with a trained member of staff weekly. They will be offered six sessions, the same place and time each week, to offer consistency. Additionally, this supports the child's sense of belonging as their time is protected. Within this time, children are offered the opportunity to draw - some choose to draw patterns, others pictures or objects. 

Drawing enables a child to express, in a visual form, worries or concerns they may have without having to verbalise the answer through questions. Sometimes a child will choose to draw and not talk - that is okay. Sometimes, it's enough to have a quiet space to sit and process which is just as valuable as they are discovering how to self-soothe and create an internal dialogue. 

At the end of the session, the child has the choice to take their drawings with them or to keep them in a folder to revisit at another time. 

These folders are kept by the practitioner delivering the intervention. This ensures the children see the value of their drawings, knowing they will be kept safe. 

All sessions are confidential unless there are safeguarding concerns, in which the practitioner follows the school's safeguarding procedures.