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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are open for eligible year groups and pre-registered critical workers' children. Please see information on the 'noticeboard' and letters to parents/carers for further details.


The homework selector below gives your child the opportunity to choose their homework tasks to complete with your support at home. Each term your child is expected to complete 3 pieces of homework from the grid, which gives a choice of 3 different task for each 2 week period.  A handing in date is given, although children may bring it in to school earlier if it is already completed.  We will be displaying as much of this homework on the upstairs landing as is possible to celebrate your children's achievements.


Don't forget to come back and look at our fantastic homework!

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Our Amazing Titanics

More Titanic Homework

Our Space homework display is starting to be put together!

We have had some amazing pieces of homework completed already!

More Telescopes

Exercises for Astronauts

Exercises for Astronauts 1
Exercises for Astronauts 2
Exercises for Astronauts 3
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Around the World in 40 days

Around the World in 40 days 1
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