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Critical worker provision will be in place from Tuesday 5th January 2021. All other children should access remote learning from home.



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We hope you had a lovely Christmas and are very disappointed not to see you this half term. We will be updating our remote learning daily before the start of the school day. Please send any pictures to our year group email or tapestry and we will be able to feedback to you.

Plans are currently underway for further details, so please watch this space! 

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn. Our Story so far...

Welcome Video Year R

See our classrooms before you join us:

Welcome to Polar Bear Class September 2020

Welcome to Narwhal Class September 2020

Welcome to Whale Class September 2020


 Spring 1 Half Term Topic:



Fun with Phonics!


This half  term we will continue to learn set 2 from Read Write Ink phonics. We will be learning to the name and sound of each grapheme (letter) and how to blend them to read words and segment them to spell.





Wonder Words


This half term we will continue to learn to read our Wonder Words. They have come home in sets of 10. The first 100 are grouped into 'anchors'. You will be able to use your sounds to read them, some words though don't like to follow the rules.  These we call red tricky words. They try to trick you because you can't sound them out! These you have to learn by 'sight'.

Good luck, your teacher will stamp each anchor as you learn them when you come back.



Magical Maths


This half term in maths we are focusing on:

*numbers to 10  and beyond








Tricky Word Games


Click on to this fabulous web page full of ideas for playing games with those 'tricky words' which don't follow the rules. We call them 'sight words' because you have to learn them by just looking at them...

Here are the words we learn in year R...

I the no go to he she we me be you

all are her was they my




Getting Ready to Write


 The children are practising how to hold their pencil correctly.

This is how we practise holding our pencil here at Leesland...



Try this little trick at home to help with pencil grip. Place a pom pom in your child's hand and get them to grip it with their two fingers - whilst holding their pencil!

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to see some of the things we have been busy doing in Year R...


Busy Bee Time  

Learning together through play!

The children love choosing their own ways to learn, explore and challenge themselves - and so do we!


            Why don't you try these at home?

Useful website links you can use at home...

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode M and follow links for more!

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling and punctuation, learning letters and sounds along the way. SUBSCRIBE to our channel Collect a copy of Geraldine the Giraffe's storybook from Amazon ...