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Philosophy for Children

Silver Award

We  currently hold the 'Silver' award by 'Sapere' here at Leesland are currently working towards our Gold!


This means that as a school:

  • Children work using the 4C model, contributing to and reviewing class ground rules regularly.
  • Children understand the philosophical enquiry process and take part in activities to develop P4C skills.
  • Children increasingly recognise and use the language of enquiry, and caring, collaborative behaviour.
  • Children are increasingly confident in identifying and asking open philosophical questions.
  • Children are able to give reasons to support a view.
  • Children are able to use an example or evidence to support or challenge a view.
  • Children are beginning to connect ideas and use reasoning across the curriculum.
  • Children are able to identify big ideas/concepts in their questions

Sapere introduces 'Philosophy for Children' (P4C)

An introduction to Philosophy for Children (P4C), featuring SAPERE's Director of P4C, Grace Lockrobin, along with the pupils and staff at Emmaus Primary School, Sheffield. "P4C has had a massive impact on the school and the culture; the way they speak even outside of the classroom.