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Love, Grace, Respect

PSHE Focus Days

On Thursday 8th February, children had the opportunity to revisit their understanding of mental health. The concept “My Voice Matters” was the focus thread throughout the day, helping the children at Leesland to feel seen, heard and influential. The children explored the power of their voices through a P4C enquiry. During a PSHE lesson, the children enhanced their understanding of how mental health can affect our minds and our bodies with opportunities to explore and practice self-regulation techniques.

The afternoon gave the team, children and adults, an opportunity to explore mindful activities, modelling being able to ‘take a break’, explore different interests and develop interests in skills outside of academic achievements.  


We started the day with collective worship together, talking about our current understanding of Peace, defining what Peace means around the world and collecting ideas of how we can represent Peace.


In our classes, we worked hard to create a range of pictures we thought represented Peace, linking our understanding to our Christian values of Love, Grace and Respect.


Once the pictures were completed, they were collected together and used to make our own Leesland Infant school Peace Pole.