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English as an Additional Language

"Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom."
Roger Bacon


At Leesland Junior School, we embrace and are committed to promoting an inclusive learning environment for all students regardless of their background.


English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At Leesland Federation, we believe that having English as an additional language is a valuable skill. Scientific research has discovered that there are measurable neurological benefits to being multilingual.  We support families with English as an additional language.  At Leesland Federation children with English as an additional language:


  • Children have the opportunity to use their home language to support their understanding, draw on prior experiences and are given opportunities to share their cultural and religious knowledge.
  • Language learning opportunities are given in short, time-focused sessions giving pupils with EAL time to transfer skills from one topic/subject to another.

  • Opportunities to use visual materials and first language knowledge to enhance both understanding and access to curriculum-based subjects is a priority for enabling class-based support.
  • Teaching strategies are discussed and shared with class teachers and support staff to ensure curriculum access and language acquisition.
  • Through using well researched strategies such as pre-teaching new vocabulary, the use of visuals such as images and pictures to aid EAL learners, scaffolding and collaborative learning, EAL learners have the opportunity to access the curriculum along with the rest of their peers.



At Leesland Federation our diverse curriculum allows the children to develop an understanding and appreciation for the world around them.


  • Through whole class daily reading, the children are exposed to a range of texts celebrating the diverse world around us.
  • Our school library is representative of the diversity within the school with books about different backgrounds, cultures, race, ethnicity and even family units.
  • Celebrating and promoting significant religious and cultural events such as Black History Month, Chinese new year, Diwali, etc.
  • R.E curriculum educates the children on the main different religions and the morals that can be learnt from them allowing pupils to develop the virtues of respect and empathy, which are important in our diverse society.


Websites with free online books, videos and games


  1. Tips on reading at home in different languages -BookTrust: Reading with your child aged 4-6 years | BookTrust

  2. The Bell Foundation offers a guide for parents of students who use English as an additional language -

  3. Grammar and spag activities -  

  4. A website with activities for children to support the learning of English( games, animated stories, songs) -

  5. An excellent site with dual language traditional tales and short stories from around the world. The stories can be read and listened to online, or downloaded. -

  6. Online books for children in many languages. -

  7. Bilingual fairy tales for children (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German) -


Amazing online dictionaries for children


  1. A basic dictionary that helps children to associate words and pictures. - Online Picture Dictionary (

  2. An online Thesaurus for children, structured into different areas. -

  3. A fantastic online dictionary that comprises a variety of languages, as well as pictures for words. -

  4. An online dictionary with pictures, that focuses on Maths concepts -