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Love, Grace, Respect


This academic year, we are focussing on a whole school approach to mental health and movement through the use of a programme called stormbreak. 


Stormbreak aims to improve children’s mental health through movement, equipping them with sustainable, transferable skills and coping strategies to thrive during the complex demands of growth into adult life.


Stormbreak has five key concepts: relationships, resilience, self-care, hope and optimism and self-worth. We focus on one of these each half term in school, with children participating in stormbreaks in class, during collective worship and even during lunchtime. 


This focus on discussing mental health whilst completing purposeful movements has enabled the children to discuss various concepts and how to develop these. 

Our Pupil Voice


"I like doing spiderman as we get to move around."


"Cross Country is my favourite Stormbreak to do."


"Resilience means to keep trying, even when things are too hard!"


"Our stormbreaks about relationships will help us when we have jobs because you've got to be nice to people to maintain it."


"We learning about relationships so if we get into an arguement, we can start to solve it ourselves. To have a good relationship, there needs to be respect."