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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. 


We would like to welcome all children, parents and carers to year 3.  The year ahead holds lots of learning, friendships and exciting opportunities.  

On our class page you will find out some information about timetable and class expectations. Year 3 marks the beginning of KS2, which means the children will be starting to work more independently on a variety of exciting and fun themes. 

In Year 3, the class teachers are:

Kingfisher - Mrs Johnson and Mrs Capel

Lapwing - Mr Fletcher and Mrs McGarvey

For more information about our curriculum in Year 3, please see the 'Overview' link above.



Kingfisher and Lapwing Swimming  - Thursday

Kingfisher and Lapwing Indoor PE - Monday

Kingfisher and Lapwing indoor PE every other Wednesday

8.5.24, 22.5.24, 12.6.24, 26.6.24, 10.7.24, 



Outdoor Learning Days 

Every other Wednesday Lapwing only 

8.5.24, 22.5.24

Every other Wednesday Kingfisher only 

12.6.24, 26.6.24, 10.7.24, 



Year 3 Stories Through Dance

Year 3 had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a Stories Through Dance workshop.  Our dance focused on the story Hansel and Gretel which we knew really well.  We warmed up, created a dance, performed and reviewed our dances.  It was a wonderful experience and really showed off our dance skills.

Year 3 Trip to the Hindu Temple and Art Gallery


Year 3 had a really exciting day visiting the Hindu Temple in Southampton.  We watched a service and the had time to explore the temple and ask lots of questions. 


We then had a short trip to Southampton Art Gallery where we looked and talked about the art on display and created our our Rangoli art. 

Year 3 Butser Hill Ancient Farm Trip

Year 3 enjoyed an unforgettable experience at Butser Ancient Farm. We were able to dive into the experience of living like in the Stone Age. We enjoyed creating fences using wattling.  We made jewellery from a soft metal like bronze which we have as a keepsake. We enjoyed learning about the Stone Age from artefacts. We loved crafting our pots from natural clay and adding designs with a quill.  We learnt about hunting and gathering and the beginnings of farming. 

Butser Hill Ancient Farm

Year 3 P4C 


Year 3 took part in a P4C session based on the book 'Giraffes can't dance' by Giles Andreae.  The children thought of great questions to discuss, such as:

- Why can't everyone be friends?

- What does it mean to be kind?

- Why does bullying happen?

- Is it okay to give up?

Is it unkind to say what you think?


We discussed our questions and then created an individual dance - just like Gerald the Giraffe in the story.


Gerald the Giraffe Dance

First Aid with Heart Start 

Year 3 took part in first aid training.  We really loved finding out how to approach a medical emergency safely, how to call for an ambulance and how to put someone into the recovery position in a session that lasts no longer than an hour.   We learnt how to use the recovery position and the DRS ABC. Children said 'I loved it because I could help someone if they needed it'  

Year 3 Information 

This year, we have some interesting topics about The Stone Age, Peru and The Romans.  In science, we will be learning about Rocks, Light, Humans, Magnets and Plants.  Children will also be introduced to learning French from this year group onwards, along with continuing to develop skills in all subject areas.


In Year 3, weekly spelling homework is set on Friday for the following week.  The spelling sheets are in 2 sections and children should ideally practice their list over the week in order to retain the spelling knowledge as effectively as possible.  Spellings are tested the following Friday.


At this stage, times tables become a major focus of children's learning.  The school subscribes to Times Table Rockstars which is available on most devices as a website or an app.  Children are encouraged to play at least 5 minutes of times table games at least 3 times a week at home, as well as working on times tables in class, and there are always various competitions and incentives throughout the year.


In Year 3, children are encouraged to choose their own reading books to take home.  We have a range of books in the class and the school library, including ones that are linked to phonics learning for those who still benefit from them.  We would encourage children to read with an adult daily or as often as possible at home.


If you have any questions, feel free to catch me at the end of the school day, or send a message on the class email.